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Relationship Therapy

I recently trained to extend my skills to work with couples who may be together in a relationship or separated and willing to explore their relationship issues.  I refer to the work I undertake with couples as Relationship Therapy.
Relationship therapy - JLS Therapy & Wellbeing

Relationship Therapy Model & How I can help you

The model I use for relationship therapy is holistic and integrates a variety of concepts and approaches to improve emotional and relational connectedness to each other. I will bring support, care and empathy to sessions and offer the opportunity to alleviate distress and facilitate growth by increasing the ability for change where this is desired. Together, we will work to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and become aware of your strengths, possible pitfalls, and areas for growth.

Sex Therapy

If you experience compulsive sexual behaviours & problematic use of pornography, I am unable to assist you. However, there are organisations who may be able to support you, such as COSRT - the professional body for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists.

Reasons people seek relationship therapy

You may wish to seek therapy together if in your relationship you experience for example, issues with communication, trust, infidelity, sex and unfaithfulness, require assistance managing other relationships, non-traditional relationships, blended families, digital age issues and the end of a relationship.

Ready to Make an Enquiry?

Please complete the enquiry form and I will contact you usually within 2 working days to set up a free introductory discussion for approx. 15 minutes by phone with you both. Our discussion will explore how I can assist you both and understand your therapy needs, and if you feel able to make the time and financial commitment to therapy.  We will also discuss face to face engagement and together we will start the process of understanding if we are a good fit and if you both wish to engage further with me as your therapist.

There is no obligation to move forward with me as your therapist. I have a network of colleagues and organisations I can refer you to for appropriate support. What is important to me is that you connect with the right person or organisation to help and support you.

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*Relationship Therapy is available face to face only. Online therapy is not available.

Assessment session £130.00 (75 minute session)

75 minute session £130.00

Fees are payable 48 hours prior to the session date agreed using bank transfer.

Fees for new or existing clients are increased on 1st January each year.