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Integrative Psychotherapy

Discover integrative psychotherapy with JLA Therapy & Wellbeing. Explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships in a safe and supportive space.

Integrative Psychotherapy - JLS Therapy & Wellbeing

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Integrative Psychotherapy works with different psychotherapeutic approaches which in my case includes a developmental-relational approach, integrating Object Relation theories, Psychoanalytic Self-Psychology, and aspects of Humanistic Psychology. I blend my approaches based on certain core principles to include placing the client-therapist relationship at the centre of the process alongside an understanding of your development story, helping you to change old patterns of behaviour and to learn new ones.
My Approach to Integrative Psychotherapy encourages you to safely explore how you feel and to understand and make meaning of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and relationships. Together we explore and reflect on your relationships and key influences on your life, which may include family, friends, work colleagues or your wider experience of society. Integrative Psychotherapy can support you to process difficult thoughts, emotions, and painful memories, and understand how you can think and feel differently, so you can move forward.
Integrative Psychotherapy is helpful for many issues to include but not limited to relationship issues, trauma, addiction, PTSD, depression, sadness, anxiety, stress, feeling stuck and unable to thrive or not knowing how you feel or why you feel the way you do.

Trauma & Addiction

Trauma can be a single or multiple events experienced during your childhood or as an adult or both and may include physical or emotional abuse, neglect, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, witnessing violence, grief, a near death experience or even a natural disaster.  The effects of trauma may manifest as depression, low mood, anxiety, PTSD symptoms to include intrusive thoughts, difficulty sleeping, concentrating and memory loss. You may also experience physical symptoms such as unexplained aches and pains, lack of energy and motivation.
Addiction can be seen as not having control over doing, taking, or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you. You may form an addiction to cope with stress, anxiety, grief, depression or to escape from problems such as money worries or an unhappy relationship or childhood. You may experience mood swings, sadness, isolation, feel agitated or angry or feel numb, stuck, and unable to move forward.
I invite you to feel safe and to be seen and heard, as we work through your thoughts, behaviours, and emotions, so in time you can start to feel better.

Sex Therapy

If you experience compulsive sexual behaviours & problematic use of pornography, I am unable to assist you. However, there are organisations who may be able to support you, such as COSRT - the professional body for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists.

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Please complete the enquiry form and I will contact you usually within 2 working days to set up a free introductory discussion for approx. 15 minutes by phone. Our discussion will explore how I can assist you and understand your therapy needs, and if you feel able to make the time and financial commitment to therapy.  We will also discuss your preferred method of engagement - face to face or online* and together we start the process of understanding if we are a good fit and if you wish to engage further with me as your therapist.

There is no obligation to move forward with me as your therapist. I have a network of colleagues and organisations I can refer you to for appropriate support. What is important to me is that you connect with the right person or organisation to help and support you.

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*Online therapy is not always suitable, due to the nature of certain issues you may wish to discuss. If this is the case face to face therapy or an alternative therapist/organisation maybe offered.

Assessment £85.00 (50 minute session)

50 minute session £85.00

Fees are payable 48 hours prior to the session date agreed using bank transfer.

Fees for new or existing clients are increased on 1st January each year.