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Please complete the enquiry form and I will contact you using the email address you provide, usually within 2 working days to set up a free introductory discussion for approx. 15 minutes by phone.  Our discussion will explore how I can assist you and understand your therapy needs and if you feel able to make the time and financial commitment.

We will also discuss your preferred method of engagement - face to face or online* and together we start the process of understanding if we are a good fit and if you wish to engage further with me.

There is no obligation to move forward with me. I have a network of colleagues and organisations I can refer you to for appropriate support. What is important to me is that you connect with the right person or organisation to help and support you.

*Online therapy is not always suitable due to the nature of certain issues you may wish to discuss. If this is the case, face to face therapy or an alternative therapist/organisation maybe offered. Relationship therapy is not available online.

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